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Our passion. Our bread and butter. The Hilltop team is a colourful mix of various talents, but most importantly, we set ourselves apart by how we approach our clients marketing challenges. So many of our clients will tell you we’re a unique bunch but given our retention rate, we’re pretty sure that’s got to be a good thing. Come talk to us….  

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Where we can help.

Brand Development

Your brand is your identity, ensure all the touchpoints of your business consistently reflect your brand values. Our team will guide you in developing an authentic and consistent long-term plan, in order to develop a successful brand to achieve your specific business goals.

Advertising Management

We are specialists in media strategy, planning and buying through all stages of the customer journey. We have accredited access to all major media companies and access to media research and measurement tools to build an efficient and strategic media plan for your brand.

It’s 2021. Anyone can make a stunning website. Only… it’s 2021. Visual isn’t enough anymore… and Google robots don’t have a favourite colour.

Marketing Automation

The martech stack grows at an exponential pace and there are some great tools out there… but some are greater than others for specific needs.

Multilingual Marketing

Lucky Kiwis! Everyone speaks English. Well, not quite, but even if they do, they’d rather buy in their own language. Now more than ever, we need to keep our exports strong!

Research + Analysis

Our booking service covers all New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Island media. We perform robust pre and post-campaign analysis to ensure accountability and track every dollar your business spends. Our experienced team will monitor and report relevant media trends, threats and opportunities to keep your business ahead of the pack.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers or KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) can help your brand reach a wide network of audiences. Social media influencers create a conversation by leveraging their dedicated social following within their niche to influence their followers. The recommendations and reviews serve as a form of social proof, promoting your brand to your potential customers.

A great customer experience strategy starts with understanding your customer and the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses. Our proven processes define, plan and document organisation-wide strategies to improve your customer’s experiences, helping you meet your business goals.

Events Management

Empowering brands by creating engaging brand experiences and activations. We offer full-service event management and experiential marketing strategy where we execute interactive, impactful events to effectively engage with your brand’s audience.


Public Relations

Whether you have a story to tell or you need to get a specific message in front of your audience, we tell the story behind your brand.  Brands need an ‘always-on’ public relations strategy and we deliver.  Our experienced copywriter specialises in creating effective content to communicate to your audience, managing your reputation and the relationship between your brand and the public. 

Media content

Let our experienced team create your media content. We can create effective and memorable TV commercials, short videos, print and digital ad units, all bespoke and created specifically for your brand’s needs. Wanting something longer? We have the experience and resources to create compelling long-form video.

Social Media Marketing

We have a well-established trusted approach to social media, focused on generating authentic transactions and building brand loyalty. Our process ‘Surround Social’ is designed around behaviour and interest, which guides the content, calendar and posting frequency for each client, delivering measurable results.