Web Development.


You don't need us to make a stunning website.

Stunning websites are free from any automated page maker or neighbourhood web design company. Just one-click install WordPress, choose your pre-made stunning website, change the logo and words and 10 minutes later you’re online. Hey, presto, and no web development required.

Websites with a purpose

The Hilltop digital journey does not begin with colours and visuals, despite what every colour of the rainbow on our own site might suggest. To us, visuals are not web development.

Why do you need a website? What do you want it to achieve? How will it add value to your customers and other stakeholders?

Be prepared to be challenged. When you come to us with your website brief, we’ll ask tough questions like “why?” and it can get awkward at times. 🙂

The true beauty on the inside

Behind the facade of a stunning website is where the Hilltop difference lies.

No two projects are the same. Different sites and different organisations run on different technologies and connect to third party services in various ways. All these need to work seamlessly, securely and fast.

In the era of cyber threats and ransomware, is your infrastructure robust, ready and resilient to external threats? It’s all integral to web development.


These are not afterthoughts. Every Hilltop project is based on a few universal truths around what makes a website worth paying for and, again, visuals do not appear on our list.

If you cannot be found, you won’t attract business and you cannot rely on paid media to be found. Web development addresses all these core areas.

Once found, does your site convert visits into queries and sales? What if you could improve your conversion rate by, say, 10%… 20%? …or more?

New Zealand web development... for Kiwis, by Kiwis.

All our development work is done right here in Aotearoa. It’s not farmed out to offshore locations so you know the nerd you had coffee with and briefed on your website is actually the same nerd who builds your website. We know, what a novel thought, aye?

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