DOOH in lockdown

SEAT digital billboard in Auckland
What does the Covid-19 lockdown mean for brands that have moved spend and share of voice to Outdoor?

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Everyone is scrambling and
it's not just eggs

Now with so much emphasis for DOOH, this will make an issue for the OOH companies as previous the billboards will have a static ad up and well, that ad can stay, but for DOOH sites, if no one advertising, they are blank.  This leads to some super deals, but I guess, we have to be mindful of the discount and the audience, if a the offer is an additional 20% discount but audiences are down 50-70% is it still a deal…?  I think not.

However, with the working from home, the ability to get a digital billboard up is an option as no installers needed and we can do this from the comfort of our couch / new office… this might seem appealing and still have some form of brand awareness for those that are supermarket shopping.