TV planning in a Pandemic

With the Covid-19 reaching a new category in New Zealand people in their droves will be glued to the TV set, after they have panic bought of course...

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Higher viewership has been starting already with TVNZ showing increases of 8% for their news coverage, let alone the online audiences searching for the most recent news on this Pandemic. 1News online up 28% over the last 7 days.

So, how do advertisers who play in this TV space manage their TARPs effectively and from a conscious POV, you need to be mindful not to bombard the viewer with the message, which could have a negative effect, if available, change to brand ads.

One way, is to look at the off peak buying ratio, with a shutdown looming, the off peak schedule will have a spike in viewers and a lower CPT, shift the peak and off peak ratio higher in the off peak zone, more around the 60/40 split.

Move spend to VOD from peak placement and have some specific targeting, perhaps the light-hearted or dramas, staying away from current affairs and news.  Again, this is up to the advertiser, the reach build will come from more people consuming the medium, but there maybe a mandate to stay clear of this space from higher up.

Remember in the GFC, TV audiences or PUTs were up, this will increase during the Covid-19 Pandemic, re-plan the TARPs and take advantage of low CPTs in daytime to maintain a brand presence for your audience.